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Friday, May 12, 2017

JAMB 20+ Summary Questions In Dependence by Sarah Ladipo Mayinka

  In Dependence Novel by Sarah Ladipo Mayinka – Summary Questions and Answers for JAMB.

In dependence by Sarah ladipo Mayinka is a recommended novel for JAMB UTME candidates with compulsory English exam questions expected to be answered from the book. The 2017 JAMB examination is already around, hence the need for this quick summary of questions from the In dependence novel. Students can quickly browse and download this non pdf guide to their memory before the exam.

Summary of Important Characters in the Novel In Dependence.

  • Tayo (Omotayo Oluwakayode Ajayi) – The novel’s protagonist.
  • Vannessa Richardson – Tayo’s lover who he met at Oxford University.
  • Modupe – Tayo’s First and Nigerian girlfriend.
  • Inspector Adeniyi Ajayi – Tayo’s father who was once a court servant.
  • Uncle Bola (Uncle B) – Tayo’s uncle who loved drinking and women.
  • Uncle Kayode Ogundele – Another Tayo’s uncle, a Big Man who lives in a luxurious house in Lagos. It was there Tayo stayed briefly with his family before sailing to England on a Scholarship.
  • brother Remi, brother Tope, brother Biyi, sister Bisi, sister Kemi, sister Fatima – Tayo’s siblings.
  • Mr Jonathan Richardson – Venessa’s father.
  • Mrs Elizabeth Richardson – Venessa’s mother.
  • Miriam – Tayo’s wife.
  • Kemi – Tayo’s daughter.
  • Mrs. Burton – Tayo’s Latin teacher.
  • Mr Clark – Tayo’s Maths teacher.
  • Mr Blackburn – Tayo’s British empire history teacher.
  • Headmaster Faircliff – Tayo’s school headmaster.
  • Christine Arinze –  Tayo’s second girlfriend and first at Oxford. She committed suicide after Tayo left her.
  • Yusuf Abubakar – Tayo’s friend who worked at a hospital while at Oxford
  • Joy Williams – Yusuf’s wife
  • Salamatou –  Venessa’s friend and a hair stylist from Dakar, Senegal.
  • Suleiman – Salamatou’s son who later was adopted by Venessa after Salamatou’s demise in a car accident
  • Simon – The president of west African Student at Oxford university.
  • Jean Luc – A french man who promised to marry Salamatou but ran away when he discovered she was pregnant.
  • Danjuma – A gardener who had a secret affair with Vanessa’s mother.

JAMB Exam Questions and Answers from In Dependence novel.

Here are likely and expected Use of english exam questions from the novel In dependence by Sarah ladipo Mayinka.

  1. “An old man should be contemplating his mortality than dreaming of women” – Who made this statement? a) Tayo b) Mr. Richardson c) Mr. Ajayi d) Miriam.
  2. Tayo was nicknamed ____ by his colleagues a) T boy b) T boss c) Ty boss d) Ty.
  3. What did Ike study in Oxford?
    a) Engineering b) History c) Chemistry d) Literature.
  4. Tayo had a fantasy for_____
    a) football b) Indian women c) running d) womanising.
  5. “That film is a disgrace. Where were the Nigerians?” who said this? a) Bolaji b) Tayo c) Ike d) Vanessa.
  6. What killed Abdou?
    a) smoking b) overspeeding c) drug abuse d) internal bleeding from accident.
  7. Juma and Saratu were _____ a) Vanessa’s siblings b) Vanessa’s cats c) Vanessa’s neighbours d) Vanessa’s friends.
  8. The word “bolekaja” means_____
    a) come down let’s fight it out b) a yoruba word for intelligence c) a villain d) a drunkard.
  9. Tayo first saw the Aureol in _____ a) 1967 b) 1948 c) 1951 d) 1960.
  10. Nancy called brown children a) Mullatoes b) Monkeys c) Niggas d) Goats.
  11. Mama died on her way to_______
    a) the market b) mecca c) Lagos d) Ibadan.
  12. Who works at the local bakery to support himself as a student? a) Tunde b) Simon c) Yusuf d) Samir.
  13. “in all things moderation, except studies” whose motto is this;
    a) the Ajayi’s b) Uncle Kayode’s c) the Bola’s d) the Arinze’s.
  14. After Tunde, Tayo and Yusuf were arrested, who came to the police station for their realease? a) Mr and Mrs. Richardson b)Mr and Mrs Murdoch c) Mr and Mrs Edward d) Mr and Mrs Winter.
  15. ______ was a history don at Oxford?
    a) Edward b) Mr. Blackburn c) Trevor-Roper d) Simon.
  16. Who told Vanessa about Tayo and Christine’s romantic relationship? a) Tayo himself b) Ike c) Simon d) Charlie.
  17. Tayo’s favorite uncle was a) Ucle Bola b) Uncle Tosin c) Uncle Kayode d) Uncle Ajayi.
  18. Who announced to Tayo’s neighbourhood that Ironsi was almost killed? a) Tayo b) Modupe’s husband c) Dele d) Remi.
  19. Yusuf and his wife lost their first two children a) in a car accident b) in an inferno c) to food poisoning d) to sicke cell anaemia.
  20. Tayo told a story about the fake professor of ____ from Oxford a) Law b) History c) Modern Language d) Economics.
  21. Who asked Tayo when he would become Nigeria’s president? a) Ibrahim b) kemi c) Joy d) Miriam.
  22. Tayo was offered a job by ____ University in England but turned it down a) Birmingham b) Oxford c) San Fransico d) Cambridge.
  23. Uncle Kayode married Helene in a) 1963 b) 1984 c) 1974 d) 1990.
  24. The old man Tayo met had in possession Lord Lugard’s a) official seal b) Potrait the press did not have c) favorite glasses d) official robe.
  25. What was the cause of Tayo’s mother’s death? a) heart attack b) undisclosed illness c) Gun shots d) Car accident.
  26. Which of Tayo’s friends was appointed Chairman of a prestigious London foundation? a) Ike b) Samir c) Bolaji d) Simon.
  27. Kemi’s boyfriend ___ was a ___ a) Suleiman, student b) Laurent, Chef c) Samir, Policeman d) Ike, Lawyer.
  28. Mr. Murdoch was posted to _______ during his colonial service a) Nigeria b) Cameroun c) Niger d) Tanganyika.
  29. Madame Pagnole was the cook for the _____ a) Barkers b) Richardsons c) Humes d) Ajayis.
  30. Tayo alongside ___ were awarded honorary degree in ___ a) two other persons, Law b) five other persons, Literature c) one other person, Literature d) four other persons, History.


1)  C (2) D (3) B (4) B (5) C (6) D (7) B (8) A (9) C (10) A (11) C (12) A (13) A (14) D (15) A (16) D (17) A (18) C (19) D (20) D (21) C (22) A (23) C (24) D (25) D (26) D (27) B (28) D (29) C (30) C.
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  1. Pls some of d answers are not correct and also number d questions so that we can which answer belong to particular question.... Nice job keep it up

    1. Ok Sir/Ma, we will update it for to the taste of the students. Also subscribe to our newsletter and be the first that will receive our daily updates.